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Family of David George Burgess WISE and Christine May DORE

Husband: David George Burgess WISE ( - )
Wife: Christine May DORE (1943-2020)
Children: Paul Anthony Burgess WISE ( - )
Corinne Louise Burgess WISE ( - )

Husband: David George Burgess WISE


David George Burgess WISE, David Wise (bk97)

Name: David George Burgess WISE
Sex: Male
Father: Ronald Edward Victor WISE (1916-1970)
Mother: Elizabeth Jocelyn Anne WITHERS (1919-1986)

Wife: Christine May DORE

Name: Christine May DORE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 6 Jan 1943 Freelands House Oxon
Death 13 Apr 2020 (age 77)

Child 1: Paul Anthony Burgess WISE


Paul Anthony Burgess WISE, Wise Paul Anthony Burgess Bk 123 (2)


Spouse: Amy Susan DANIELS, Daniels Amy Susan Bk 638 (3)

Name: Paul Anthony Burgess WISE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Amy Susan DANIELS ( - )

Child 2: Corinne Louise Burgess WISE

Name: Corinne Louise Burgess WISE
Sex: Female

Note on Husband: David George Burgess WISE

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