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Family of Jonathon James DUDLEY and Nina PULLEN

Husband: Jonathon James DUDLEY ( - )
Wife: Nina PULLEN ( - )
Children: Charlie DUDLEY ( - )
Jack DUDLEY ( - )
Jesse DUDLEY ( - )

Husband: Jonathon James DUDLEY


Jonathon James DUDLEY, Jonathon Dudley BK60

Name: Jonathon James DUDLEY
Sex: Male
Father: Ronald Albert DUDLEY (1935- )
Mother: Jean Annette YOUNG ( - )

Wife: Nina PULLEN


Nina PULLEN, NIna Pullen BK513

Name: Nina PULLEN
Sex: Female
Father: Leslie PULLEN ( - )
Mother: Anne (PULLEN) ( - )

Child 1: Charlie DUDLEY


Charlie DUDLEY, Charlie Dudley Bk527

Name: Charlie DUDLEY
Sex: Male

Child 2: Jack DUDLEY


Jack DUDLEY, Jack Dudley BK628

Name: Jack DUDLEY
Sex: Male

Child 3: Jesse DUDLEY


Jesse DUDLEY, Jesse Dudley BK629

Name: Jesse DUDLEY
Sex: Female

Note on Husband: Jonathon James DUDLEY

living - details excluded

Note on Wife: Nina PULLEN

living - details excluded