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Family of Thomas SLOCOMBE and Joan COLES

Husband: Thomas SLOCOMBE (1652-1722)
Wife: Joan COLES (1650-1725)
Children: Thomasin SLOCOMBE (1684-1754)

Husband: Thomas SLOCOMBE

Name: Thomas SLOCOMBE
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas SLOCOMBE (1630-1722)
Mother: Joan PARSONS (1636-1706)
Birth 26 Oct 1652 Bicknoller, Somerset, England
Death 1722 (age 69-70) Crowcombe, Somerset, England

Wife: Joan COLES

Name: Joan COLES
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1650
Death 1725 (age 74-75) Crowcombe, Somerset, England

Child 1: Thomasin SLOCOMBE

Name: Thomasin SLOCOMBE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Isaac WISE (1687-1769)
Birth May 1684 Chatworthy, Somerset, England
Burial 2 May 1739 Sulhampstead Abbots Berkshire
Death 1754 (age 69-70) Clatworthy, Somerset, England