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Family of Henry Wise (Wyse) of GRESTON and Catherine Elizabeth SEEBOLD

Husband: Henry Wise (Wyse) of GRESTON (1179-1271)
Wife: Catherine Elizabeth SEEBOLD (1179-1255)
Children: Sir William WYSE (1196-1225)

Husband: Henry Wise (Wyse) of GRESTON

Name: Henry Wise (Wyse) of GRESTON
Sex: Male
Father: Serlonius WISE (1180-1251)
Mother: -
Birth 19 Jul 1179 Greystone Manor, Greston, Glostershire, England
Death 1271 (age 91-92) Devon, England

Wife: Catherine Elizabeth SEEBOLD

Name: Catherine Elizabeth SEEBOLD
Sex: Female
Father: Christopher SEABOLD (1150- )
Mother: Barbara SPECHT (1150- )
Birth 1179
Death 1255 (age 75-76)

Child 1: Sir William WYSE

Name: Sir William WYSE
Sex: Male
Birth 1196 Crapston, Devon, England
Death 1225 (age 28-29) Sydenham Damerel, Devon, England