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Family of Robert Newton DUNN and Eliza Emma SKEEL

Husband: Robert Newton DUNN (1852-1898)
Wife: Eliza Emma SKEEL (1854- )
Children: William Henry DUNN (1884-1966)

Husband: Robert Newton DUNN

Name: Robert Newton DUNN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1852
Death 1898 (age 45-46)

Wife: Eliza Emma SKEEL

Name: Eliza Emma SKEEL
Sex: Female
Father: William SKEEL (1830-1875)
Mother: Mary Jane TILL (1832- )
Birth 30 May 1854 Clapham, Surrey, England
Baptism 30 Jul 1854 (age 0) Holy Trinity Clapham Surrey

Child 1: William Henry DUNN

Name: William Henry DUNN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margaret WINTER (1883-1971)
Birth 1884
Death 1966 (age 81-82)

Note on Wife: Eliza Emma SKEEL

1861 Clapham, Surrey, England