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Family of Philip Leonard WISE and Karen Tracy PINNION

Husband: Philip Leonard WISE (1961-2018)
Wife: Karen Tracy PINNION ( - )
Children: Abbie Jane WISE ( - )

Husband: Philip Leonard WISE


Philip Leonard WISE, Wise Philip BK4 Wed (2)

Name: Philip Leonard WISE
Sex: Male
Father: Brian Arthur Lewis WISE ( - )
Mother: Margaret Emily GODFREY ( - )
Birth 18 Oct 1961 58 Braemar Av, Croydon Surrey
Death 1 Jul 2018 (age 56) Southampton Hospital, Hampshire

Wife: Karen Tracy PINNION


Karen Tracy PINNION, Karen Pinnion (BK746)

Name: Karen Tracy PINNION
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Abbie Jane WISE


Abbie Jane WISE, wise Abbie BK747 2015

Name: Abbie Jane WISE
Sex: Female

Note on Wife: Karen Tracy PINNION

living - details excluded