Family of Francis SALMON and Elizabeth (SALMON)

Husband: Francis SALMON (1766-1831)
Wife: Elizabeth (SALMON) ( - )
Children: Ann SALMON (bap.1814)
Elizabeth SALMON (bap.1816)
Sarah SALMON (bap.1819)
John Buxton SALMON (bap.1824)

Husband: Francis SALMON

Name: Francis SALMON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1766
Occupation Carrier
Death 8 Jul 1831 (age 64-65) Tuxford Nottingham England

Wife: Elizabeth (SALMON)

Name: Elizabeth (SALMON)
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Ann SALMON

Name: Ann SALMON
Sex: Female
Baptism 2 Oct 1814 Tuxford Nottingham England

Child 2: Elizabeth SALMON

Name: Elizabeth SALMON
Sex: Female
Baptism 10 Nov 1816 Tuxford Nottingham England

Child 3: Sarah SALMON

Name: Sarah SALMON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Benjamin GODFREY ( - )
Baptism 17 Jan 1819 Tuxford Nottingham England

Child 4: John Buxton SALMON

Name: John Buxton SALMON
Sex: Male
Baptism 2 Feb 1824 Tuxford Nottingham England