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Family of Michael YOUNG and Judy (YOUNG)

Husband: Michael YOUNG (1945- )
Wife: Judy (YOUNG) ( - )
Children: Louise Amy YOUNG ( - )
Joanna YOUNG ( - )
Marriage Jul 1970 Croydon, Surrey, England

Husband: Michael YOUNG

Name: Michael YOUNG
Sex: Male
Father: George William YOUNG (1910-1978)
Mother: Amy Elizabet Marion MURPHY (1912-1972)
Birth Jul 1945 Croydon, Surrey, England

Wife: Judy (YOUNG)

Name: Judy (YOUNG)
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Louise Amy YOUNG

Name: Louise Amy YOUNG
Sex: Female

Child 2: Joanna YOUNG

Name: Joanna YOUNG
Sex: Female

Note on Husband: Michael YOUNG

living - details excluded

Note on Wife: Judy (YOUNG)

living - details excluded