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Family of Thomas BOSELY and Letitia WISE

Husband: Thomas BOSELY ( - )
Wife: Letitia WISE (bap.1761, bur.1817)
Marriage 11 Dec 1797 Stanford-Dingley Berkshire

Husband: Thomas BOSELY

Name: Thomas BOSELY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Letitia WISE

Name: Letitia WISE
Sex: Female
Father: Abraham WISE (1716-1803)
Mother: Mary LEWINGTON (1720-1784)
Baptism 18 Jan 1761 Stanford-Dingley Berkshire
Burial 23 May 1817 Stanford-Dingley Berkshire

Note on Wife: Letitia WISE

Leatitia? Born 13 Dec 1761 Stanford-Dingley Berkshire

Marriage to James Williamson at St Marlebone 1782 ?