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Family of Isaac WISE and Anne SMITH

Husband: Isaac WISE (bap.1708, bur.1783)
Wife: Anne SMITH ( - )
Children: Anne WISE (1732- )
Elizabeth WISE (bap.1733)
Isaac WISE (bap.1735)
Thomas WISE (bap.1737)
Mary WISE (bap.1739)
Martha WISE (bap.1742)
John WISE (bap.1745)
Jane WISE (bap.1747)
William WISE (bap.1751)
Marriage 27 Nov 1731 Reading St. Giles Berkshire

Husband: Isaac WISE

Name: Isaac WISE
Sex: Male
Father: Isaac WISE (1687-1769)
Mother: Thomasin SLOCOMBE (1684-1754)
Baptism 28 May 1708 Sulhampstead Abbots Berkshire
Burial 20 May 1783 Burghfield Berkshire

Wife: Anne SMITH

Name: Anne SMITH
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Anne WISE

Name: Anne WISE
Sex: Female
Birth 9 May 1732 Burghfield Berkshire

Child 2: Elizabeth WISE

Name: Elizabeth WISE
Sex: Female
Baptism 6 Jan 1733 Burghfield Berkshire

Child 3: Isaac WISE

Name: Isaac WISE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah SALTER ( - )
Baptism 17 Oct 1735 Reading St. Giles Berkshire

Child 4: Thomas WISE

Name: Thomas WISE
Sex: Male
Baptism 23 Oct 1737 Burghfield Berkshire

Child 5: Mary WISE

Name: Mary WISE
Sex: Female
Baptism 20 Jan 1739 Burghfield Berkshire

Child 6: Martha WISE

Name: Martha WISE
Sex: Female
Baptism 26 Sep 1742 Burghfield Berkshire

Child 7: John WISE

Name: John WISE
Sex: Male
Baptism 9 Jun 1745 Burghfield Berkshire

Child 8: Jane WISE

Name: Jane WISE
Sex: Female
Baptism 29 Mar 1747 Burghfield Berkshire

Child 9: William WISE

Name: William WISE
Sex: Male
Baptism 1 Jun 1751 Burghfield Berkshire