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Family of George BROWN and Thomasin WISE

Husband: George BROWN ( - )
Wife: Thomasin WISE (bap.1707, bur.1740)
Children: Mary BROWN (bap.1732)
Richard BROWN (bap.1735)
Abraham BROWN (bap.1738)
Marriage 20 Nov 1729 Burghfield Berkshire

Husband: George BROWN

Name: George BROWN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Thomasin WISE

Name: Thomasin WISE
Sex: Female
Father: Isaac WISE (1687-1769)
Mother: Thomasin SLOCOMBE (1684-1754)
Baptism 25 May 1707 Sulhampstead Abbots Berkshire
Burial 11 Apr 1740 Burghfield Berkshire

Child 1: Mary BROWN

Name: Mary BROWN
Sex: Female
Baptism 6 Dec 1732 Burfield Berkshire

Child 2: Richard BROWN

Name: Richard BROWN
Sex: Male
Baptism 24 Aug 1735 Burfield Berkshire

Child 3: Abraham BROWN

Name: Abraham BROWN
Sex: Male
Baptism 30 Jul 1738 Burfield Berkshire