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Family of Isaac WISE and Thomasin SLOCOMBE

Husband: Isaac WISE (c. 1687-1769)
Wife: Thomasin SLOCOMBE (c. 1684-c. 1754)
Children: Thomasin WISE (bap.1707, bur.1740)
Isaac WISE (bap.1708, bur.1783)
Anne WISE (bap.1712)
Jane WISE (bap.1712, bur.1713)
Thomas WISE (bap.1714)
Abraham WISE (bap.1716, d.1803)
Samuel WISE (bap.1718)
Ann WISE (bap.1721)
Harculas WISE (bap.1724, bur.1726)

Husband: Isaac WISE

Name: Isaac WISE
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas WISE (1669-1740)
Mother: Ann WARREN ( - )
Birth c. 1687
Death 1769 (age 81-82) St Mary's Burfield Berkshire England
Burial 11 Oct 1769 Burghfield Berkshire Eng

Wife: Thomasin SLOCOMBE

Name: Thomasin SLOCOMBE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1684
Burial 2 May 1739 Sulhampstead Abbots Berkshire
Death c. 1754 (age 69-70)

Child 1: Thomasin WISE

Name: Thomasin WISE
Sex: Female
Spouse: George BROWN ( - )
Baptism 25 May 1707 Sulhampstead Abbots Berkshire
Burial 11 Apr 1740 Burghfield Berkshire

Child 2: Isaac WISE

Name: Isaac WISE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Anne SMITH ( - )
Baptism 28 May 1708 Sulhampstead Abbots Berkshire
Burial 20 May 1783 Burghfield Berkshire

Child 3: Anne WISE

Name: Anne WISE
Sex: Female
Baptism 29 Jun 1712 Sulhampstead Abbots Berkshire

Child 4: Jane WISE

Name: Jane WISE
Sex: Female
Baptism 29 Jun 1712 Sulhampstead Abbots Berkshire
Burial 1 Apr 1713 Sulhampstead Abbots Berkshire

Child 5: Thomas WISE

Name: Thomas WISE
Sex: Male
Baptism 26 Sep 1714 Sulhampstead Abbots Berkshire

Child 6: Abraham WISE

Name: Abraham WISE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary LEWINGTON (b.1720, bur.1784)
Baptism 10 Jan 1716 Burghfield Berkshire
Death 1803

Child 7: Samuel WISE

Name: Samuel WISE
Sex: Male
Baptism 22 Mar 1718 Burghfield Berkshire

Child 8: Ann WISE

Name: Ann WISE
Sex: Female
Baptism 2 Nov 1721 Burghfield Berkshire

Child 9: Harculas WISE

Name: Harculas WISE
Sex: Male
Baptism 15 Aug 1724 Burghfield Berkshire
Occupation Child
Burial 28 Feb 1726 Sulhampstead Abbots Berkshire