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Family of Christopher George SPENCER and Lilian May ANDERSON

Husband: Christopher George SPENCER (1890-1938)
Wife: Lilian May ANDERSON (1891-1947)
Children: Christopher William SPENCER (1912-1978)
Cyril Alfred Charles SPENCER (1915-1991)
Stanley Henry SPENCER (1917-1942)
Eric Robert SPENCER (1922-2005)
Raymond J SPENCER (1924- )
Marriage 14 Aug 1911 St. Saviour, Raynes Park, Surrey, England

Husband: Christopher George SPENCER

Name: Christopher George SPENCER
Sex: Male
Father: Charles Albert SPENCER (1856- )
Mother: Mary Ann BEENEY (1857- )
Birth 1890 Wandsworth, London, England
Baptism 27 Apr 1890 (age 0) St Mary, Summers Town, Surrey, England
Residence 1891 (age 1) Wandsworth, Surrey, England
Residence 2 Apr 1911 (age 21) Wandsworth, Surrey, England
Death 22 Feb 1938 (age 47-48) City of Westminster, London, England

Wife: Lilian May ANDERSON

Name: Lilian May ANDERSON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1891
Death 1947 (age 55-56) Reg. Dist. Surrey North Eastern, Surrey, England

Child 1: Christopher William SPENCER

Name: Christopher William SPENCER
Sex: Male
Birth 8 Jan 1912 Wandsworth, Surrey, England
Death 1978 (age 65-66) Reg. Dist. Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, England

Child 2: Cyril Alfred Charles SPENCER

Name: Cyril Alfred Charles SPENCER
Sex: Male
Birth 20 Mar 1915 Croydon Surrey
Death 1991 (age 75-76) Reg. Dist. Eastbourne, East Sussex, England

Child 3: Stanley Henry SPENCER

Name: Stanley Henry SPENCER
Sex: Male
Birth 18 Oct 1917 Kingston, Surrey, England
Death 5 Apr 1942 (age 24) World War II

Child 4: Eric Robert SPENCER


Eric Robert SPENCER


Spouse: Norma Mercilla Mary GODFREY, Norma Godfrey BK 132010

Name: Eric Robert SPENCER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Norma Mercilla Mary GODFREY (1931-2018)
Birth 28 Nov 1922 Kingston, Surrey, England
Baptism St. Winefrides Wimbledon
Residence 1939 (age 17) 124 Queen's Road, Wimbledon, Surrey, England
Occupation Artist & Art Teacher
Death 5 Nov 2005 (age 82) Oxfordshire, England
Burial 18 Nov 2005 St Mary's Thame Oxfordshire

Child 5: Raymond J SPENCER

Name: Raymond J SPENCER
Sex: Male
Birth 5 Jun 1924 Wandsworth, Surrey, England