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Family of Charles Benjamin GODFREY and Emily WHEATLEY

Husband: Charles Benjamin GODFREY (1878-1965)
Wife: Emily WHEATLEY (1883-1966)
Children: Charles Benjamin GODFREY (1905-1997)
Kathleen Lilian GODFREY (1909-1998)
Eric Norman GODFREY (1919-2010)
Joceline Anne GODFREY (1928-1977)
Marriage 15 Oct 1904 Leeds Parish Church Leeds

Husband: Charles Benjamin GODFREY


Charles Benjamin GODFREY

Name: Charles Benjamin GODFREY
Sex: Male
Father: Benjamin GODFREY (1831-1907)
Mother: Lavinia COOPER (1838- )
Birth 27 Aug 1878 Openshaw Lancashire
Occupation Cost Accountant Railway
Death 18 Nov 1965 (age 87) Johnston Wales
Burial Penarth Glamorgan Wales

Wife: Emily WHEATLEY



Name: Emily WHEATLEY
Sex: Female
Father: Harrison WHEATLEY (1857-1929)
Mother: Kate ELLIS (1857-1893)
Birth 11 Feb 1883 Kirkstall, Leeds
Occupation Tayloress (suits)
Death 13 Oct 1966 (age 83) 26 Greenhall Park Johnston Haverfordwest
Burial Penarth Glamorgan Wales

Child 1: Charles Benjamin GODFREY


Charles Benjamin GODFREY


Spouse: Marjorie Mercilla STUBBS

Name: Charles Benjamin GODFREY
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Marjorie Mercilla STUBBS (1905-1965)
Spouse 2: Kathleen Annie BUNDY (1905-1981)
Birth 25 Oct 1905 33 Burman St Openshaw Manchester
Occupation Radio Engineer
Death 3 Oct 1997 (age 91) 1 Famet Gdns Godstone Rd Kenley Surrey
Burial 16 Oct 1997 Greenlawns Chelsham Surrey

Child 2: Kathleen Lilian GODFREY


Kathleen Lilian GODFREY

Name: Kathleen Lilian GODFREY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Lynn WHITE ( - )
Birth 5 Dec 1909 Openshaw Manchester
Death 13 Oct 1998 (age 88) Wales
Burial 19 Oct 1998 Wales

Child 3: Eric Norman GODFREY


Eric Norman GODFREY


Spouse: Patricia Joan NAISH

Name: Eric Norman GODFREY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Patricia Joan NAISH (1923- )
Birth 22 Jun 1919 Bank Rd Woodley Cheshire
Death 1 Jun 2010 (age 90) Cardiff

Child 4: Joceline Anne GODFREY


Joceline Anne GODFREY

Name: Joceline Anne GODFREY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Geoffrey MOGG (1916-2017)
Birth 2 Apr 1928 25 Redlands Road Penarth Wales
Death 5 Apr 1977 (age 49)

Note on Husband: Charles Benjamin GODFREY

Golden Wedding at Christ Church Leeds. Residing at 91 Lavernock Road Penarth

Glamorgan Wales.

Note on Wife: Emily WHEATLEY

Started making shirts when living in Manchester,

1914 / 1918 put linings in caps at 1d each.