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Family of David Bryan WILLIAMS and Christine Lynne GODFREY

Husband: David Bryan WILLIAMS ( - )
Wife: Christine Lynne GODFREY ( - )
Children: Owen Thomas Godfrey WILLIAMS ( - )
Tudor Lloyd Godfrey WILLIAMS ( - )
Sophie Jayne Constance WILLIAMS ( - )

Husband: David Bryan WILLIAMS

Name: David Bryan WILLIAMS
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas Llewelyn WILLIAMS ( - )
Mother: Joan Elizabeth COLE ( - )

Wife: Christine Lynne GODFREY


Christine Lynne GODFREY, Christine Godgrey BK 158 2010

Name: Christine Lynne GODFREY
Sex: Female
Father: Eric Norman GODFREY (1919-2010)
Mother: Patricia Joan NAISH (1923- )

Child 1: Owen Thomas Godfrey WILLIAMS


Owen Thomas Godfrey WILLIAMS, Owen Wolliams BK 257 2010


Spouse: Hannah (WILLIAMS), Hanah (Williams) Bk806 2010

Name: Owen Thomas Godfrey WILLIAMS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hannah (WILLIAMS) ( - )

Child 2: Tudor Lloyd Godfrey WILLIAMS


Tudor Lloyd Godfrey WILLIAMS, Tudor Williams Bk 258 2010

Name: Tudor Lloyd Godfrey WILLIAMS
Sex: Male

Child 3: Sophie Jayne Constance WILLIAMS


Sophie Jayne Constance WILLIAMS, Sopie Williams BK259 2010

Name: Sophie Jayne Constance WILLIAMS
Sex: Female

Note on Husband: David Bryan WILLIAMS

living - details excluded

Note on Wife: Christine Lynne GODFREY

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